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Imagine Mobility Ideathon

Imagine Mobility Ideathon

Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14 @ the University of Washington

From 2019-2021, Seattle will enter a “Period of Maximum Constraint.” This is a critical transition point when the transportation infrastructure we have cannot yet meet the needs of the city we are building.

Do YOU want to help design
the future of transportation in Seattle?

Apply by October 6 to be considered. Only 40 students will be admitted.
Selected participants will receive a formal invitation by October 10.

 Join fellow innovators from the UW for a weekend of moving Seattle toward a sustainable future.

This October, Challenge Seattle is launching a social innovation challenge at the University of Washington to find bold, adventurous students from across all three campuses who are willing to spend a long weekend exploring the complex transportation challenges of our region. The goal is to generate new solutions for the future of mobility and personal transportation planning.

Over the course of three days, students will participate in external site visits, customer discovery interviews, and guided innovation thinking exercises. On the last day, teams will present their most promising mobility innovations to an esteemed panel of judges including:


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What is an Ideathon?

An Ideathon is a hackathon-inspired weekend-long idea generation event. This year, transportation agencies and local employers will share upcoming changes to the Seattle transportation landscape 2019-2021 and ask students to explore navigation resources, mobility choices, and creative solutions to improve our transportation system and increase awareness for all users.


No cost to attend, if selected. All meals included.

Day 1:

3:30pm Presenter check-in  
3:45pm  Student check-in  
4:00pm Welcome remarks Vikram Jandhyala, VP for Innovation Strategy, UW
4:10pm Context & Teaming  CoMotion Staff
4:20pm Agency Testimonials

Chris O’Claire, Assistant GM, King County Metro
Travis Phelps, Near Term Mobility Manager, WSDOT
Mafara Hobson, Communications Director, SDOT
Don Billen, Executive Director of Planning, Environmental and Project Development, Sound Transit
Kiley Winsnes, Programs, Challenge Seattle

6:00pm Dinner Teams + Presenters
7:00pm Innovation Training Teams + CoMotion Staff
8:00pm Research Teams
10:00pm Adjourn  


Day 2: 

8:00am Breakfast Welcome Gaia Borgias, Mobility Innovation Center, UW CoMotion
8:30am Assignments Magali Eaton, UW CoMotion
8:45am Transit to Site Teams
10:00am Discovery Teams
11:00am Transit to Global Innovation Exchange Teams
12:30pm Lunch Teams
1:30pm Idea Development Magali Eaton, UW CoMotion
2:00pm Mentor Feedback CoMotion Mentor Set 1
6:00pm Dinner  Students + Mentors + Agency Staff
7:00pm Iteration Teams
8:00pm Adjourn  


Day 3:

8:00am Breakfast Welcome Gaia Borgias, Mobility Innovation Center, UW CoMotion
8:30am Developing Pitch Magali Eaton, UW CoMotion
11:00am Pitch Practice Teams + CoMotion Mentor Set 2
12:00 Lunch Teams + CoMotion Mentor Set 2 + VIP + Media
2:00pm Intro Judges

Former Gov. Christine Gregoire, CEO, Challenge Seattle
Vikram Jandhyala, VP for Innovation Strategy, UW

3:50pm Awards All
4:00pm Announcements All
4:30pm Adjourn  



To qualify for this event, you must be a current University of Washington student at any grade level. Submit a brief application by October 6 to be considered for this event. Save the date. Only 40 students will be admitted. Selected participants will receive a formal invitation by October 10.

DAY 1: 3:30pm – 10:00pm
DAY 2: 8:00am – 8:00pm
DAY 3: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Starting location:

UW CoMotion HQ, 3rd floor
4545 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Within the application, you will be asked to answer three questions (500 characters or less):

  1. In your opinion, where is opportunity greatest for the “Future of Transportation” in Seattle?
  2. Describe one solution you think would considerably reduce vehicle congestion along the I-5 corridor.
  3. What are your primary sources of information for day-to-day traffic and /or transit routes?

Judging Criteria

At the end of the Ideathon, each team’s solution will be judged on:

  • Discovery insights
  • Idea innovation
  • Relevance
  • Equity analysis
  • Public awareness campaign

About Challenge Seattle

Challenge Seattle is a private sector initiative led by 18 of the region’s CEOs formed to ensure that greater Seattle continues to thrive as one of the most vibrant, innovative and globally competitive regions in the world by recognizing the uniqueness of our people, our culture and our pioneering companies. 

Among its four goals, Challenge Seattle seeks to develop world-leading infrastructure that drives our future growth and vitality and improves quality of life. Learn more about Challenge Seattle and its vision for Transportation in the Seattle region here.

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